Katie Armstrong goes to Leipzig

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On September 8th, VCS alumna Katie Armstrong will be setting off for Leipzig, Germany, to take part in a five-month residency offered through the Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA). The residency offers young artists a chance to live and work within a lively arts scene that includes galleries, museums, and encounters with art professionals from around the world.

Katie’s participation in the LIA grew from a meeting she had last March with Anna-Louise Kratzsch, the program’s founder and curator. While visiting SVA to deliver a lecture on the history of the Leipzig School of Painting, Kratzsch met with Katie in her studio at SVA. Their conversation resulted in an invitation for Katie to join the residency after graduation.

A photo of Katie at SVA, taken during last year's VCS senior open studios.

While in Leipzig, Katie intends to continue her ongoing exploration of animation as an artistic medium. Her goal is to design and execute her longest and most ambitious piece to date in time for one of Germany’s biggest open studio events, which is scheduled to coincide with the end of the residency. Since her animations are all hand-drawn frame-by-frame before they’re fed into a computer, her work schedule in Leipzig should be pretty full.

In order to help fund her project, Katie prepared a Kickstarter proposal earlier this summer to secure funding for the supplies and equipment she’ll need. The funding period has come and gone, but you can still visit the proposal page to learn more about what Katie will be up to in Germany. The short video she prepared talks a little about the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, the former thread factory which is now the home of the LIA; it also contains snippets of Katie’s animations and music, and her comments on what her work is all about.

A set of buttons made by Katie, offered as a premium to her Kickstarter funders.

A detail from Katie's illustrated booklet Sheep in Wolves Clothing, also offered as a Kickstarter premium.

All of us in the VCS program wish Katie the best of luck in Leipzig, are looking forward to hearing about her time in the LIA program when she returns to the U.S. in January.

To see more of Katie’s videos, check out her Vimeo page.

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