Kara Rooney: Run from the Shadows, on display through March 23rd at HIT Gallery in Bratislava

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VCS faculty member Kara Rooney’s solo exhibition Run from the Shadows just opened at HIT Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia, and will be up though March 23rd. The gallery’s website provides the following descrtiption:


“The horizon of the infinite” is no longer the horizon of the whole, but the “whole” (all that is) as put on hold everywhere, pushed to the outside just as much as it is pushed back inside the “self.” It is no longer a line that is drawn, or a line that will be drawn, which orients or gathers the meaning of a course of progress or navigation. It is the opening [la brèche] or distancing [l’écartement] of horizon itself, and in the opening: us. We happen as the opening itself, the dangerous fault line of a rupture.
— Jean-Luc Nancy, Being Singular-Plural

How does one reconcile the ever-shifting target of reality often manifested, on the one hand, in the voracious consumption of information/images and on the other, the short-circuiting of the visual and linguistic act? Run from the Shadows explores the significance of sentient experience in the present moment—the reversibility of subject and object, of tactile perception and by extension, memory—in the formation of personal and collective histories. Here, the performative interactivity of body, object and image are triangulated as hinge between the internal and the external; as entre-deux that cipher and perceive the incoherence of lived experience and its subsequent cast-off: the remembered event. Each piece exists within this space of opening; as a threshold from which to cross over or fall back into. Together they comprise a collision of materials, corporeal and auditory, as a means of probing the instability of language and memory in the narration of social consciousness, repositioning the body as critical site of resistance, receptivity and when called for, revolution.

For more information, visit the HIT Gallery website.

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