Kara Rooney in Trace/Matter at FiveMyles Gallery, opening this Saturday, October 10th

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Left: Detail of Altar no.2 by Kara Rooney; Right: Detail of Split Envoy 29 by Ruth Hardinger

Left: Detail of Altar no.2 by Kara Rooney; Right: Detail of Split Envoy 29 by Ruth Hardinger

Artist and VCS faculty member Kara Rooney is going to have some of her work on display alongside art by Ruth Hardinger in the two-person exhibition Trace/Matter at Five/Myles Gallery in Brooklyn, curated by Charlotta Kotik. The show opens this Saturday, October 10th with a reception from 5 to 8 pm, and will be on display through November 8th. There will also be a panel discussion with the artists on Sunday, November 1st at 4 pm.

The following description of the show and excerpt from Kara’s artist statement are quoted from the gallery’s website.

Trace and Matter are words endowed with a vastly rich and varied significance, metaphorically and figuratively. So is the work of Ruth Hardinger and Kara Rooney, the artists presented in this exhibition.

While utilizing the plethora of techniques and materials, both choose to express their ideas through the exploration of three dimensional, or sculptural idioms, with drawing, photography, digital collage or stone wool being an integral part of the work. There is an open ended dialogue of technologies and materials enacted, of past and present experience; there are traces of the multiple processes and substances used to create individual pieces. While some of these might be obscured by the ongoing conceptual development of individual works, the physical energy exerted in the shaping of the matter selected to embody these primary ideas exerts an often palpable presence. Interest in quotidian materials, up to date technologies, linguistics, past cultures, and environmental concerns, all inform the work, while demanding a reevaluation of our understanding of current artistic processes.

KARA ROONEY, artist statement:

On Moving Farther Away from Speech, or Hindsight is Never Twenty/Twenty, highlights the interactive subjectivity that signifies memory recall, not from a linguistic perspective, which is often unattainable, but rather from the standpoint of visual semaphore. Through the complex act of cueing, the interaction between object, scrim, and digital collage, along with the sculptural resin supports that make up the works, engender a dialogue of ever shifting fragments. The openly interpretative nature of poetry, along with the attendant metaphors of water, air and ice, visible in the reflective surfaces and photographic shards, liken this experience to recollection in real time, where the notion of fixed and stable forms is continually disrupted without ever being fully dispersed. Like stanzas in a poem the objects float in space, undeniable in the physicality of their presence, but like their literary counterparts, subject to the same slippage of interpretative device—the breakdown between memory, linguistic interaction, and actual event—that constitutes the dialectical and warring relationship between our rational and emotional minds.

FiveMyles Galery is located at 558 St Johns Place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and is open Thursday to Sunday, 1-6pm or by appointment. For more information about the exhibition and travel directions to the gallery, visit the FiveMyles website.


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