Kara Rooney donating all proceeds from a new series of artworks to the COVID-19 Humanitarian Migrant Fund – see the details here

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Faculty member Kara Rooney sent the following message for us to post:

While I recognize that many of us — artists, freelancers and creatives of all types — are facing extreme hardship in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, I also recognize that those on the frontlines and under the radar of government protection are some of the most vulnerable at the present moment. I’ve therefore decided to donate 100% of proceeds from a new series of work I’ve been developing in response to the crisis to the COVID-19 Humanitarian Migrant Fund.

The fund provides emergency relief to migrant families impacted by MPP Migrant Protection Protocols or “Remain in Mexico”, asylum seekers, deportees, and migrants who are currently stuck in refugee camps and shelters in extremely precarious conditions without access to medical care and basic necessities in order to survive COVID-19. The fund will support Al Otro Lado and key frontline serving organizations to cover unexpected costs due to unforeseen humanitarian impacts of the ongoing pandemic on the US/Mexico border. You can read more about the fund in its entirety here:


To purchase work in support of the fund, please check out my recent posts on Facebook and Instagram @kararooney

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Kara L. Rooney – Fracture

Kara L. Rooney – Cosmic Interplay


Kara L. Rooney – Shelter

Kara L. Rooney – Dividing Line


                                                           Kara L. Rooney – Clear Insight

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