Julia Santoli to perform in the Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Abstract Liberation this May

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Portrait of Julia Santoli by  Jin Hee Kwak

Portrait of Julia Santoli by Jin Hee Kwak

Today’s post is a follow-up to Tuesday’s announcement of Julia Santoli’s Alumni Scholarship Award. Earlier this week, Julia sent me the following information about an upcoming performance project she’s working on:

I’ve recently been a confirmed to perform at Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Abstract Liberation at Knockdown Center this coming May, and will be doing a piece in collaboration with sound artist Maria Chavez. I will be doing something in relation to my thesis performance–creating audio feedback in relation to a free-standing speaker, using a body microphone and gesture. The festival will include acts from dozens of noise musicians and sound artists, including both legends and newcomers.

Ende Tymes

More information about Ende Tymes is available on its website and an IndieGoGo page that’s just been launched to help fund this year’s festival. Here an excerpt from the IndieGoGo page:


ENDE TYMES V is the fifth-annual celebration of NOISE, EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC, and VIDEO ART. This event provides an active environment for artists and fans to celebrate some of the best noise artists in the world. This year the festival will happen May 13-17 at venues in Brooklyn and Queens, NYC

Hosted by SILENT BARN, OUTPOST ARTISTS RESOURCES, and KNOCKDOWN CENTER, Ende Tymes V will present more than 60 artists over the course of 5 nights. The schedule is a densely packed lineup featuring a wide variety of street-level experimental music and noise art: harsh noise, avant-garde, drone, modular synthesis, and our personal favorite “unclassifiable.”

Ende Tymes is curated and produced by Bob Bellerue, an active member of the noise community for decades, who has been producing DIY events since the late 80s. He runs this as a labor of love with the aid of the incredible artists, the magnificent fans, a crackpot team of interns, volunteers from beyond the dawn, and the 3 awesome venues.

The events at each location have their own particular flavor. Opening night will happen at Knockdown Center, which is a huge art space in Maspeth Queens. This event will include performance and installation works played over multi-channel sound systems as well as a massive main PA. The installations will remain in place through the weekend. Silent Barn is located in Bushwick Brooklyn and is the original home of Ende Tymes. It is a raging collectively-run DIY music venue. The performances there run like greased lightning with new acts every 10-30 minutes in an intense and intimate environment. Outpost Artists Resources is located in Ridgewood Queens, and is a video art resource center. The work presented at Outpost will be video and film heavy, as they have a killer projector and screening room. The videos gathered from the public call for works mentioned below will be shown here. Each venue is thoroughly supportive of Ende Tymes on personal and institutional levels.

There’s a lot of additional information available on both sites, including archives of videos and press from prior festivals, and links to other writings about Noise Art.

I’ll post updates here as the festival approaches.


Julia in performance during the recent Carnivalesque reception


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