Jennifer Paige Cohen in “When the Wind Comes Right Behind the Rain,” on view at Point of Contact Gallery in Syracuse through December 13th

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VCS faculty member has work on display through mid-December in the group exhibition “When the Wind Comes Right Behind the Rain” at Point of Contact Gallery in Syracuse, New York. Here’s a brief description of the show from the gallery’s website:



October 21, 2019 – December 13, 2019

Rebecca Aloisio, Patti Capaldi, Jennifer Paige Cohen, Melinda Lascynski, Fabian Marcaccio, Paul O’Keefe, Bret Shirley, Sarah Sutton

Within the framework of luxury, conspicuous consumption and materialistic value systems, the artists in this exhibition collectively allude to displacement as a result late capitalism and the hostile climate that it nurtures—referencing the antagonistic relationship between capitalistic excess and the environment, the self and sense of place.


You can read more about the show and the participating artists in this article on the Arts & Culture blog at Syracuse University.

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Cohen also recently received the 2019 Saint-Gaudens Sculpture Fellowship, which the program’s website describes as follows:


The Saint-Gaudens Fellowship is an annual award presented to an emerging American artist. The policy of the committee is to award the Fellowship to artists or scholars who are practicing primarily in the United States and have a demonstrated exhibition record that shows them to possess exceptional talent, but who are not yet firmly established in the field and may benefit from the recognition and financial assistance that accompany the Fellowship.

In addition to a grant, the Fellowship entails an exhibition of representative examples of the Fellow’s work in the following year at the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish, New Hampshire, and the submission of a brief artist’s statement concerning the work. The mounting of these exhibits is funded through the Memorial’s Exhibits Committee.

It was the intention of the Fellowship when it was created that the Fellows’ Memorial-sponsored exhibits be relevant to the ideals of Saint-Gaudens, as an artistically innovative artist, a mentor to emerging artists, or to the enhancement of public interest in his life, work and the creative process.


Cohen’s exhibition at the National Historic Park in Cornish, New Hampshire will take place this summer. I’ll post an update on it when it approaches.

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