Introducing The Review Hive

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, March 24th), the seniors in the VCS essay workshop will launch a new project designed to explore what happens to art writing when it takes the form of an ongoing, multi-person conversation. Titled The Review Hive, the project will have students use Twitter and their iPod Touch devices to write on-the-spot critiques of various artworks and exhibitions around town. The first review will take place tomorrow at MoMA, starting at 12 noon.

The Review Hive has its own blog ( where I will post occasional updates, including comments on what the students experienced while looking at and writing about the things they’ve viewed. The blog (which can be accessed from the VCS program links at right, or here) also contains background information about the project, and instructions for finding the Twitter streams containing the students’ reviews. (The first stream can be compiled by searching for the tag #vcs1 on Twitter, or by clicking on this link.) I will post information about forthcoming Review Hive topics here on the VCS blog as they are assigned.

We expect that Twtter’s 140 character per tweet limit will present some interesting problems for writing about art; half the fun will involve discovering just what they are and devising ways to deal with them. Everyone is encouraged to follow The Review Hive’s progress to see what happens.

Visual & Critical Studies