Installing Ground Control

(Click on the image above to view the full poster for Ground Control.)

Winter break is almost over, and SVA’s Spring 2011 term starts on Monday. Here in the VCS program, we’ll be opening the new semester in high style, with the presentation of the senior thesis show Ground Control. Earlier this week, the VCS seniors installed their works in preparation for the exhibition, with the help of VCS faculty member Amy Wilson and department chair Tom Huhn. As usual, Shannon Broder was there to document the installation; some of the photos she took are presented below.

Arranging works for installation in the Westside Gallery.

Ground Control is a large exhibition, incorporating ambitious works by fifteen of the VCS seniors. Due to its overall size and the scale of many of the works included, it will occupy both the Westside Gallery at 133/141 West 21st Street and much of the surrounding hall space on the first floor. The range of mediums represented includes installation, video, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and more.

Students participating in the exhibition include Shannon Broder, Kelly Cabezas, Justin Elm, Sara Friedman, Andrew Kazinec, Sofia Klapischak, Shannon Kelly, Amy Kolenut, Courtney Linderman, Tess Lundgardh, Shellyne Rodriguez, Jennifer Santiago, Olena Shmahalo, Brooke Tomiello and Michelle Yun.

Courtney Linderman begins the installation of a wall-length piece in the front hall at 133/141 West 21st Street.

The exhibition will be on view from January 8 through February 5, with an opening reception to be held this Tuesday night, January 11, from 6 to 8 p.m. The reception is free and open to the public, and we look forward to seeing For more details on the exhibition and the gallery, check out SVA’s exhibition overview at this link.

Later in the week, I post a follow-up including images from the reception and a few installation views. See you then.

Kelly Cabezas watches while assistants from the SVA gallery help install her work. The huge stack of dressers in the background is an installation by Michelle Yun.

Rigging a suspended audio dome to be used in conjunction with Justin Elm's video projection.

Tess Lundgardh (left) and Sofia Klapischak (right) work on their installations, while Amy Wilson looks on from the background.

Olena Shmahalo installs her project in one of the front hall windows.

Sara Friedman starts installing a set of large works in cut wood.

Shannon Kelly installs a set of photographs across the hall from Sara's work.

Shellyne Rodriguez hanging her series of prints based on the Seven Deadly Sins (see the exhibition poster above for a detail from one of the images).

Shannon Broder's collection of documentation and materials from The Degenerate Craft Fair.

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