Images of the VCS program’s new home

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A studio classroom in the newly renovated VCS department headquarters.

This fall, the Visual & Critical Studies program will move into its new home on the 4th floor of 133 West 21st Street. In addition to offices for the VCS and Art History Departments, the newly renovated space includes a studio for the VCS seniors, a seminar room, and several smart classrooms equipped with the latest computer and audiovisual projection equipment. In addition, a brand-new department library containing class texts, faculty writings, and a variety of critical and literary works will provide students with an on-site source of essential material for their research.

Last week, VCS alumna Shannon Broder photographed the 4th floor for department chair Tom Huhn. I have included some of her images here; the captions contain additional information on some of the space’s features. I walked through the floor a few day ago, and it looks amazing. I’m excited to teach my senior essay workshop in one of the new classrooms next spring.

The new VCS student library.

One of the department's new smart classrooms, all of which feature computer-integrated digital projectors and speakers.

VCS department chair Tom Huhn in his new office on the 4th floor.

Another view of the studio classroom. The studios are also smart rooms, with the same computer and projection equipment as the lecture halls.

The new space also includes a seminar and conference room.

A few of the books in the new student library.

The library contains several workstations with computers for student use.

There's also a small kitchen area at the end of the library.

The main hall of the new 4th floor space. The library is through the doors to the left, and the classrooms are to the right and around the corner.

One more view of the library. The department offices are at the far end of the room, toward the top left of this image.

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