Images from the 2012 VCS open studios (part 1)

Today’s post is the first in a short series about last semester’s VCS open studios, which were held on Thursday, April 26th. The following images include shots from the pre-exhibition installation and the evening’s events.


VCS student Berny Tan helps install artwork in one of the 4th floor classrooms. The piece at the far right is a poster of the infographic that I wrote about in an earlier post.

Student George Rue also helped with the installation.

VCS faculty member Peter Hristoff, who curated the open studios (right), and VCS Department Chair Assistant Holly Warren (left).

A few of the graduating seniors talking in the 4th floor kitchen area just before the event starts. Left to right: Autumn Eggleton, Alexandra MacNamara, and Kelli Cheval; Gionna Forte and Jenna Lee are sitting with their backs to the camera. Underclass student George Mott is in the foreground.

A host in the lobby directs guests to the studios on the 4th and 6th floors. She’s holding empty paper bags that visitors could fill up at a popcorn stand in the 4th floor studios (the motto for this year’s open studios was “Where We Put Hot Air To Good Use!”).

George Mott at the popcorn stand.

A guest watches a video by Ranya Asmar on display in one of the 4th floor hallways.

Visitors look at some of the underclass work on display in the classroom.

VCS department chair Tom Huhn stands next to a sumi ink drawing he made for an art exchange that took place during open studios. Every year, Tom hosts a sumi ink workshop with artist Max Gimblett in his senior thesis class. You can read about two of these workshops in this post and this one.

One more shot of the crowd during the reception. You can see two more of the seniors facing the camera in this image: Molly Nadav (left) and Jennie Martin (right, standing just in front of Tom).


I’ll be back in a few days with a closer look at some of the artworks that were on display during the 2012 open studios. You can also see more images from the event on the VCS flickr page, or in a slide show created by VCS Systems Administrator Justin Elm for the VCS page on the SVA website.

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