Images from the reception for “Defending Dialogue”

On Monday, VCS Systems Administrator Justin Elm uploaded a few photos from last week’s reception for the VCS senior exhibition “Defending Dialgoue” to the VCS Flickr page. I’ve presented a few of them below. You can see the rest in the reception photoset, which includes additional shots of some of the artists and the VCS faculty and staff members who were there. I’ll also be back soon with a closer look at some of the works in the show.



A crowd gathers in the foyer at 133/141 West 21st Street, just outside the gallery entrance.


A view from inside the gallery. The show’s curator Isabel Taube (in green) is to the left, speaking with VCS faculty member Richard Leslie (in the blue coat).


Reception guests look at some of the works on display.


Participating artist Hallie Kruger (just right of center) speaks with a couple of the guests. Participating artist Luiza Cardenuto is in the background to the right, looking at one of the displays.


Left to right: VCS students Berny Tan and Justine Wong, and participating artist Alex Belancourt.

Visual & Critical Studies