Images from the exhibition 0~100%, curated by Haesoo Jeong

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Recently, VCS student Haesoo Jeong curated an exhibition in the gallery at Art Book lounge B-Platform in Seoul, South Korea. Here are Haesoo’s comments about the show, along with some images she sent us and a gif from the B-Platform website.

This was my first time curating anything so it was very rocky experience but totally worth it! The exhibition is called “0~100%”.  Here is a quick summary:

“How do people interpret the colors black and white?”

The colors black and white used in these picture books have a variety of shades and deliver different feelings to the audience.

The story of the books and the emotions the artists try to express could be interpreted in different ways depending on the method of expression and the material.

In these eleven selected picture books, every color contains its own atmosphere and individuality.

We hope you discover the true beauty of the colors black and white.

For this exhibition, I had the wall filled with different black and white artworks and in between those artworks, I added in blank paper for people to express what they visualize when they hear the words black and white. So the wall itself becomes another artwork.

I never knew I would curate a show this early and young but I am so honored to be able to!














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