Images from the 2012 VCS open studios (part 4 of 4)

Here’s one last set of photos from the 2012 VCS open studios. Additional works from the students featured here can be found on the VCS flickr page, and you can click on the images below to enlarge them and zoom in on the details.


A shot of Eleni Kontos (right) taken during a performance in the 4th floor studios.

A print by Eleni.

Another of Eleni’s pieces.

An installation of works by Gionna Forte. She also had signed sheets of handmade paper for visitors to take (they’re stacked on the pedestal at the left).

A sewn drawing by Gionna.

An installation of works by Jenna Lee.

A close-up of an assemblage by Jenna.

A mixed-media installation by Jill Pucciarelli.

One of Jill’s prints.

Another mixed-media piece by Jill.

A group of visitors to the senior studio wearing masks made by Ranya Asmar.

A mixed-media piece by Ranya.

One of Zeke Decker’s paintings.

Another painting by Zeke.


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