Images from the 2012 VCS open studios (part 3 of 4)

Here are some more images from last semester’s open studios, showcasing art by seven more members of the VCS class of 2012. As with the last post, additional works from these students can be found on the VCS flickr page, and you can click on the images below to open up zoomable versions.


A collage with digital embroidery by Elektra KB.

A print by Elektra.

An installation of works in clay by Alex MacNamara.

A closer look at two of the pieces in the last image.

A still image from a video by Emma Cooper that was screened in one of the 4th floor classrooms.

An installation by Emma in the 4th floor studios.

A piece by Maddy Gentile.

Drawings by Molly Nadav.

Three mixed-media pieces by Molly.

A woodcut print by Kelli Cheval.

A mixed-media piece, made with the block that Kelli used to print the piece shown above.

An installation by Natasha Jacobs.

A detail from Natasha’s installation.

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