Images from Exit 8A, an ongoing photo and video series by Honors Photography and Video student Deanna Mazzola

Our newest post features five images from an ongoing series by fourth-year Deanna Mazzola titled Exit 8A. Here are her comments on the images below:

My recent series, titled Exit 8A features work created in New Jersey, my home. The project documents interiors, exteriors, and landscapes from around my hometown and other places that have been a part of my life through photographs and short videos. The title of this project refers to my town’s exit on the New Jersey Turnpike, the sign I see every time I go back home. The town, and the state itself, are filled with fields, forests, quiet streets and so much more that people don’t see when they pass through on the turnpike. The beautiful natural light of these places always captivates me. I am mesmerized when the sun floods the fields and my house, leaving unique shadows and a warm hue all around me. Because of this, light has had a large impact on my work. The light activates my work to romanticize everyday places such as a kitchen and a laundry room sink. While there is an absence of people, their signs of living are present with their shoes, cups, towels, and other objects they left behind. This absence adds a quietness to the already poetic and calming scenes.










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