Images from Cutting Out at Art + Method, presented by Good Neighbr

Here are some images from last weekend’s Good Neighbr group exhibition Cutting Out at Art + Method gallery in Brooklyn, courtesy VCS faculty member Peter Hristoff:


Gabriella painting

A painting by VCS alumna Gabriella Moreno



A piece by VCS alumna Lisa Saeboe



A painting by current VCS student Vivienne Tewes


Vivienne with piece

Vivienne with her painting


FAD student Razan

BFA Fine Arts student Razan Al Sarraf with her work



Left to right: VCS alumnae Lisa Saeboe, Victoria Hristoff, and Gabriella Moreno; Victoria and Gabriella are co-founders of the artist collective Good Neighbr, which organized the exhibition


Victoria and Lisa works

Works by Lisa Saeboe (left) and Victoria Hristoff (right)

For more about the exhibition, see this post.


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