Images by Katya Fine from Bruce Springsteen’s recent concert at Nationals Stadium

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Today’s post features a few images from VCS alumna Katya Fine, who graduated from the program earlier this year. Katya provided the following description:

This last Thursday [September 1], I was given the chance to photograph Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s concert at Nationals Stadium in DC as a press photographer. I was 100 feet away, directly behind GA, and was allowed to take photos during the first three songs. It was an incredible experience, an absolutely unforgettable moment in my just-starting career, and I was so nervous that the first 40 frames came out blurry from my shaky hands!!! I’d like to extend my thanks to those who made the entire opportunity possible.

[In response to a follow-up question I posed about how she got the gig, she added the following comments.]

I wasn’t working for anyone, despite shooting as press. A contact of mine was able to give me the name of his contact for Live Nation who allowed me to take the photos for myself. I didn’t know I could even do that for such a well-known name.

Here are the images from the shoot (the images are pretty big, so you can click to see them in a lot more detail):






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