Images and a curators’ statement from House Scarf

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A while ago I posted an announcement for House Scarf, a weekend residency and installation by VCS student Conner Calhoun that was hosted by his classmates Harris Bauer and Rachel Zaretsky. A couple days ago, Harris and Rachel sent me several images of the installation along with a statement describing the project. Here’s what they had to say, along with their images.


We became interested in producing an installation within our apartment due to the space itself. We live in an apartment on the lower east side of Manhattan which previously functioned as a “drywall showroom”. The purpose was to display various examples of drywall application, rather than be applicable to a living situation.

House Scarf came to exist as an installation of the impression Conner made on our home. He took what existed prior to his arrival and worked within it like a private collection, allowing our home to inspire new moments. He utilized our living room and bathroom to exhibit sculptural figures, video, wall drawings, an oversized knitted scarf, etchings and various belongings found throughout the apartment.

Our hope with this project was to invite people into and share in this mixed world of what we live inside of every day and what Conner explores consistently within his own work. Together the three of us created a new reality within the apartment.

We are interested in continuing to open up our apartment to other event opportunities in order to take advantage of this magical space that we happen to occupy, and hope to push it in new directions, re-contextualizing it and working within it in order to activate this space even more than its current existence as a drywall-showroom-turned-home.






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