“If You Let It” by Thelma featured in NPR’s Songs We Love series

Natasha Jacobs (via NPR)

Earlier this week, VCS alumna Natasha Jacobs’s band Thelma was spotlighted in NPR’s ongoing Songs We Love series in a post by Marissa Lorusso about “If You Let It,” one of seven tracks from a new album that’s coming out this February on the indie label Tiny Engines. Larusso’s profile begins:

Thelma’s music sounds almost otherworldly. Slightly spooky and often dramatic, it mixes the warm, human sensibilities of folk with slightly off-kilter electronic elements. The intensity in the music makes sense, given its origins: When Natasha Jacobs, the band’s founder, began to focus on songwriting, she did so with a commitment to overcome her lifelong fear of performing. A few years later, while studying composition at SUNY Purchase, Jacobs began experimenting with electronic instrumentation. Then, shortly after Thelma’s debut, what started as a solo project grew into a full band (now including Daniel Siles, Maciej Lewandowski and Juan Pablo Siles).

The seven songs on Thelma’s forthcoming self-titled album showcase Jacobs’ ability to combine her penchants for electronic experimentation and folk song structures, and the full band helps bring her lush, dramatic ideas to life.

You can read the rest at NPR.

Here’s track from Soundcloud; you can also find it posted with lyrics and Thelma’s current tour dates on Bandcamp.

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