Hosting Projects presents Late Bloomer Late Bloomer, a performance and installation on April 15 at Driveway 327 in Los Angeles

Here’s a follow-up to the previous post, presenting more information about the Late Bloomer Late Bloomer performance and installation scheduled for April 15th in Los Angeles, presented and curated by Hosting Projects (VCS alumnae Harris Bauer and Rachel Zaretsky)



Late Bloomer Late Bloomer
Ben Gould & Gabriella Lacza
A Hosting Project

Installation & Live Performance
Driveway 327
April 15, 2018 7:00PM

In the live iteration of the Flower Dance, which will take place at sunset on April 15th, Gould will perform a series of movements as he navigates through an installation of myrmecochorous flower torches, a species of flower whose seeds are carried and germinated by ants. The fantastical aspects of Gould & Lacza’s carefully built narrative are present in every corner the body of this work, constantly rebuilding and folding back into itself.


In a couple recent e-mails, Harris and Rachel  added the following information:

The April 15 event, an installation and live performance, feature new works by the artists, which build upon the narrative and underlying mythology from the world of Late Bloomer Late Bloomer. Ben will perform an iteration of the Flower Dance, surrounded by performative objects and wearing protective clothing made by Gabriella which has been tailored to his body and movement.

The Installation & Performance of Flower Dance will take place at 327 5th Ave, in Venice, beginning at 6:30PM. Performance will begin at sunset (around 7:30pm) so please arrive promptly.

Hope you can join us!


Ben Gould is an artist currently living in New York City. After being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, Gould’s studio practice has transformed to harbor a new investment in the body, exploring limits, resistance, and the loss of control. Grounded in performance, his multidisciplinary practice is built upon collaboration, intimacy, and urgency – cultivated by a deep interest in how energy is directed, rerouted, transformed and transferred. His condition has become an engine for movement-based performance work that is in search of stabilization, and driven by an evolving practice of energetic restraint and release. Within a growing mythos, a space for fantasy and freedom is created for the corresponding videos, images, and objects that emerge from this process. Gould has performed site-specific works across the country, from varied geographies to institutional spaces, was a 2015 Ox-Bow Fellow, a 2017 Kickstarter Artist in Residence, and a Queenlab Space Grant recipient in 2018. He was born in Grass Valley, California in 1993 and was raised there, in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, next to a decommissioned gold mine and a river. Most recently he has performed and shown new works in Kansas City, San Antonio, Miami, and at the Watermill Center, Judson Church, and Queenslab in New York.

Gabriella Lacza is an artist, archivist, and art historian based in New York City. Her practice focuses on relationships and collaboration, often working closely with others – helping them realize new projects and operating as a facilitator, clothing designer, proof-reader, and lover. Four years ago she wrote “I want to be famous to just one person,” and now she is.

Organized by Harris Bauer and Rachel Zaretsky of Hosting Projects. Hosting Projects is an artist run, site specific production of facilitation, curation, collaboration and conversation surrounding new works, formed in 2014.

Visual & Critical Studies