Grandma Susan & Pop-pop, a suite of four paintings by Mona Monahan

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First-year Design student Mona Monahan recently submitted a series of small paintings she made for one of Paloma Crousillat’s classes for me to post. Here’s her description:

Grandma Susan & Pop-pop

Created for Paloma’s History and Theory of Art class final, this piece reflects on readings from the past year including Avant-Garde and Kitsch and Grids. The word kitsch immediately makes me think of my grandma’s house and her souvenir items.

She has recently passed away, and my family and I are in the process of going through her collections. It has been jarring how much of my grandparents’ lives and “auras” are represented in these items. It is interesting how such widely produced impersonal items can become to represent and become a part of an individual’s identity, and once this happens it feel impossible to give up.

Mediums: Oil paint on four 6″ x 4″ panels.

Mona Monahan, Grandma Susan & Pop-pop, Oil paint on four 6″ x 4″ panels

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