Four VCS students win awards in the First Annual SVA Writing Program Contest

This last academic year, SVA’s Humanities and Sciences Department launched the Writing Program, a new academic concentration for undergrads interested in pursuing writing as a secondary emphasis during their art education.

As a part of the program, the department held the first annual Writing Program Contest during the Spring 2013 semester. The contest solicited submissions from undergraduates across all of the school’s departments in five different categories, including poetry, short story, personal essay/memoir, critical essay, and film script or play. Out of dozens of submissions, three winners were selected in each category; each winner received a cash prize, and will have his or her piece printed in the SVA publication WORDS, and/or on the Writing Program Blog (which also features student works from some of the classes in the program).

The poster for last semester's Humanities Writing Program writing contest

Several students from The Visual & Critical Studies Program submitted works for the contest, and VCS did very well overall, with four of our students winning awards (more than any other department at SVA). Harris Bauer won the 1st place award in poetry; Michael Losclzo won 1st place in Memoir/Personal Essay; William Patterson placed 2nd in the Critical Essay category; and Max Copolov placed 3rd in Scripts.

William Patterson’s piece has already been posted to the Writing Program Blog, with the rest to follow over the coming weeks and months. You can also see the complete list of contest winners at this post on the Writing Program Blog.

I you’re interested in learning more about the Writing Program at SVA, check out its description on the SVA website. (I teach the fall semester session of a course titled Writing About Art, which is the only class I teach outside the Visual & Critical Studies and Art History departments. You can also read more about it at the same link.)

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