Flowers from Peter Hristoff’s Artist’s Journal class

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written about the VCS curriculum, so this week I thought I would put up the first of several short posts featuring images from a range of different courses. Today’s entry consists of photos shot during a recent session of The Artist’s Journal, taught by Peter Hristoff.

Here is a description of the class, taken from the listing in SVA’s course catalog:

The goal of this course is to create a visual journal through paintings and works on paper that record the artist’s interests and concerns. Experimentation with various materials and techniques, as well as investigating ideas of personal iconography, symbolism and narrative will be emphasized. Using painting, drawing, basic printmaking and collage, students will be helped in developing weekly journal pieces and a collaborative publication for the semester.

The photos below show several of the students in the class working on a project involving flowers. (These were taken in one of the brand new VCS studios.)



Later this week, I’ll be back with the next round of images from VCS, including shots taken in several other classes.

Visual & Critical Studies