BFA Interior Design presents an exhibition documenting the department’s participation in last year’s Never Ending Project, a week-long design challenge with a focus on interior design and architecture that brings together three teams from three different continents.
For the inaugural Never Ending Project, students from BFA Interior Design were teamed up with students from ESAG Peninghen in Paris, France, and the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, to develop a build-able design for a control room and docking area for a drone. Working around the clock, teams used technology to bridge their geographical divides, passing the “baton” from time zone to time zone until the project was completed.
Student participants include Michelle Choi, Jungeun Sarah Hong, Fatima Jeghir, Danielle Kachler, Bo Liu, Dina Reziapova and Hexiao Miki Wang, team leader. Curated by department faculty member Leehong Kim, Eduardo Lytton, senior systems administrator, and members of the Never Ending Project team.

Visual & Critical Studies