The Visual and Critical Studies Gallery is pleased to present AMARCORD, an exhibition of works created by students of SVA’s inaugural class in Rome (SVA in Rome). Titled after Federico Fellini’s 1973 masterpiece Amarcord (meaning “I remember”) the exhibition presents works made by the participants since their return to New York as well as a digital presentation of works made while in Rome. Similar to the theme of the movie, which is a coming of age story, the exhibition presents the idea of studying abroad as a transformative experience.

Among the pieces presented will be a monumental self-portrait by Gerald Sheffield (BFA Fine Arts 2015) referencing the style of Roman busts that incorporate various types of marble and the Belvedere Torso. Sheffield, who will continue his studies at Yale (MFA Painting) in the fall, comments: “Rome provided a unique opportunity for me as a studying artist. The historical significance and parallels to contemporary western culture became an integral part of my work.” In addition, the exhibition will include an over life-size saluting rabbit by Andrew Senken (BFA Fine Arts 2015) reminiscent of the saluting Emperor bronzes along the Roman Forum; Digital images of unidentifiable ancient fragments by Taylor Baker (BFA VCS 2015); a video inspired by Bernini’s “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa” by Kate Kuhne (BFA Fine Arts 2016) and Lisa Saeboe (BFA VCS 2015); painted reliefs of devotional objects and spaces by Julia Garcia (BFA VCS 2014); and, Byzantine mosaic-like paintings by Jonathas Nazareth (BFA VCS 2014), among others.

Curated by Peter Hristoff.

Visual & Critical Studies