Five new student videos on the VCS Vimeo page

Today’s post features five student-made videos from the Fall 2012 semester that our Systems Administrator Justin Elm recently uploaded to the VCS Vimeo page.

The first four were made by Berny Tan as part of the Basic Graphic Design I course taught by VCS faculty member Frank Young. The assignment required each student to create a short video of a motion, taken from a stationary camera. Berny came up with four responses, all of which are presented here. (You can also watch a short video of Young speaking to students in another of his classes at this link.)

Motion Video I: Photocopy Machine


Motion Video II: 911 Memorial

Berny explains: this video was shot from the 46th floor of 7 World Trade Center, while on the Stillspotting NYC tour (composer Arvo Pärt and the New York City and Oslo-based architectural firm Snøhetta collaborate on a series of stillspots around Lower Manhattan that explore the special relationship between space and sound). Music playing in the background is titled “To A Great City.”


Motion Video III: Screenprinting

(Note: this video shows a close-up view of VCS alumna Shannon Broder at work in the SVA printmaking facility, printing the poster for last October’s lecture by David Cohen.)


Motion Video IV: Acetone Transfer


The final video is a short stop-motion animation by Eli Siegel made for Amy Wilson’s first-year Foundation Drawing class, featuring hand-drawn imagery in charcoal and pastel, accompanied by a piece from contemporary composer Max Richter.


(Amy also told me that she has several more student animations from last year’s Foundation Drawing class. I will post them here soon.)

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