Department chair, philosopher, critic

AB, Sarah Lawrence; MA, PhD, Boston University


Imitation and Society: The Persistence of Mimesis in the Aesthetics of Burke, Hogarth, and Kant; The Cambridge Companion to Adorno; The Wake of Art: Criticism, Philosophy, and the Ends of Taste; The Semblance of Subjectivity: Essays in Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory


Art in America, New German Critique, Art & Text, Oxford Art Journal, British Journal of Aesthetics, Art Criticism, Telos, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Oxford Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Art Book


“Between Picture and Viewer: The Image in Contemporary Painting,” Visual Arts Gallery; “Ornament and Landscape,” Apex Gallery; “Still Missing: Beauty Absent Social Life,” Visual Arts Museum and Westport Arts Center, CT


Triple Candie


Getty Scholar; Fulbright Scholar; First Prize, American Society for Aesthetics Essay Contest; New York State Council for the Humanities

Visual & Critical Studies