Making the Wheel

Visual & Critical Studies Open Studios 2018

133/141 West 21 st St., 4th Floor
April 26, 2018

open studios

The artist studio is a sight of calculation and chance. It is a space that invites investigations that eventually manifest as methodology. ‘Making the Wheel’ is an ode to inventing. Artists offer viewers a look into how one thing led to another and the vitality of their practice. Experiments of material tension, violence, healing, spacial optics and force are revealed in this exposé of process.

Many of the artists featured are interdisciplinary, as is the nature of Visual and Critical Studies. Using sculpture, video installation, printmaking, and painting, ‘Making the Wheel’ considers the series of efforts and personal victories that construct works of art.

Storm Ascher, Leah Bordenga, Jordan Boyce, Alexa Cabrera, Marine Chen, Akielah Ivy, Emily Jacoby, Olivia Li, Maya Lusky, Eden Miller, Brittney Najar, Meredith Padgett, Lauren Patrick, Erika Verhagen, Anastasia Warren, Samantha Whitlaw, Mason Wilson, Heru Zhao.

Curated by Anastasia Warren and Mason Wilson.

Visual & Critical Studies