cloud 9

Third Project Curatorial – Victoria Hristoff & Gabriella Moreno
Virtual Flatiron Project Space

July 2 – August 17



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Participating artists: Julia Garcia, Kate Jones, Lichi Wo, Lisa Saeboe

BFA Visual & Critical Studies presents cloud 9, a virtual exhibition of paintings and photographs by Julia Garcia, Kate Jones, Lichi Wo and Lisa Saeboe. Curated by The Third Project, a curatorial experiment led by VCS alumni Gabriella Moreno (BFA VCS 2016) and Victoria Hristoff (BFA VCS 2016), the exhibition will be on view from Thursday, July 2, through Monday, August 17, at the virtual Flatiron Project Space.
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cloud 9 pokes holes at the definition of paradise and explores the nuanced projections of the term. The yearning intertwined with paradise lends itself to a maladaptive escapism, where one continuously reaches for unattainable bliss. One holds onto this Eden as they develop, yet it remains just beyond reach. The lack of tangibility feeds the cycle.

Highlights from the exhibition include Julia Garcia’s (BFA VCS 2015) The Kiss, an expressive rendering of a two-car collision, and Lisa Saeboe’s (BFA VCS 2015) meticulous Alter Distillations.

Historically, paradise has functioned as a doctrine, as a reward, as a coveted end-point, a place.

However, this location holds no physical space. One cannot arrive at paradise, one can only see their own physical context and desire as an idealized elsewhere.


Image credit: Julia Garcia, The Kiss, 30”x20”, acrylic and gouache on panel, 2019


*Please note, this is a 3D exhibition requiring significant bandwidth to load. For the best experience, please load the exhibition on a computer rather than a smartphone.


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