Elektra KB’s new print and interview for COMPANY

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Recently, VCS fourth-year student Elektra KB published a limited-edition print with COMPANY, an organization that sponsors projects and events that link emerging artists with people interested in their work. The print was on display as part of a mobile gallery during this week’s Miami art fairs, located on a special shuttle that COMPANY provided to ferry people from venue to venue throughout South Beach and the Wynwood district. The image above shows the artists’ proof of the piece; Elektra took this shot when she went in to see it for the first time.

Titled Uprising after the Femicide, the print exists in two formats, each with a different edition number. The larger version is over five feet tall, and is printed in archival pigments on Tyvek. Here is a comment about the piece from a statement that Elektra wrote for COMPANY:

Uprising after the Femicide is a reproduction of a large-scale hand-painted woodcut print. The central figure is an Insurgent-Woman-Spirit in a balaclava mask with blood pouring down from her chest, rising from the ground where her own bones lie on top of a dahlia surrounded by Aztec ruins. The piece was created with the aim of raising awareness about the Juaréz femicides. However, it holds many layers of content that relate to colonialism and neo-colonialism, women’s emancipation, nature’s destruction, and exploring the complexity of emotions that one suffers after being subjected to forms of oppression, violence and abuse. The result is the uprising of the Magical –Insurgent- Spirits that populate the Aztec territory and lead a mystical battle in which they are victorious. This piece was formally influenced by religious paintings from the 1400’s to 1500’s. Elements that caught my attention, particularly in Christian paintings from that era, were their extremely bloody visual narrative and symbolism. Tenebrist painting and Latino-American art from the colonial period can also be counted as visual influences.

To see several images of the piece, including close-ups of some of its details, check out this link.

Elektra’s print was produced in conjunction with COMPANY’s Discovery Series, which gathered together a group of young artists, curators, advisers, and collectors who represent a wide range of new views on art and the art world. As part of the Discovery Series, Elektra was interviewed by art writer Rhoni Blankenhorn for COMPANY’s website. The interview includes in-depth information about Elektra and her thoughts on art; there also images of some of her other works, including one taken during a site-specific performance and video installation she did at a recent COMPANY-sponsored event. You can find the interview at this link, and read more about Elektra’s performance and installation at this post on her website.

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