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A lot has been going on lately for VCS third-year student Elektra KB. Last week she was featured in a post on Our Hen House, an animal-rights blog that focuses on industrial food production and the ambivalent relationship that our culture and its institutions have with animals. A lot of Elektra’s work deals with similar themes, including the more primitive elements in human behavior that lie behind our attitudes on animal and human exploitation.

At a recent conference on veganism held at the Lower East Side bookstore/café/activist center Bluestockings, Elektra introduced herself to Our Hen House co-founder Jasmin Singer. Singer looked up Elektra’s art, and was particularly impressed with her ongoing series of photographs, paintings, and videos titled “Revenge of the Piece of Meat.” The resulting blog post showcases Elektra’s art really well. In addition to presenting a video and several large images of other works, it includes a substantial quote from Elektra’s blog explaining the larger concerns that lie behind her art. You can see the post on Our Hen House at this link.

Elektra has also been busy with several other projects. In late January, she participated in the 9° Salón Nacional de Arte DIVERSIDAD 2010 in Bogotá, Colombia. Her entry for the exhibition consisted of two pieces she made during an independent study with SVA faculty member Steve DeFrank. Her works were selected for the group exhibition from almost 300 submissions received from artists, graphic designers, industrial arts students, and cultural and social groups spread across Colombia. She was also selected as a finalist in the Salón, and will have her work exhibited later this year at Galeria Casa Cuadrada, also in Bogotá.

Finally, she will be featured soon in I Want You, a Seattle-based art magazine published in both a large-format limited print edition and an expanded online version. The magazine is the product of a nonprofit venture that describes its mission as follows: “[To] highlight artists’ work rather than dilute its impact by enforcing editorial perspective. Each page of the print edition consists of a single large format image from a series of each artist’s work and a url that leads you to their feature on iwantyoumagazine.com.”

I’ll post another update when Elektra’s work gets published in I Want You. In the meantime, if you want to see more of her art, you can find it at her website (linked at the top of this post)

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