Elektra KB featured in the ARTnews Shelfie Project

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Elektra in the ARTnews shelfie projectBack in April, ARTnews ran a profile of VCS alumna Elektra KB which I covered here. Elektra has just popped up again in ARTnews, this time as a part of a feature in which the magazine asked a handful of artists, writers, and other art-world professionals to take photos of themselves in front of their bookshelves.

The screenshot to the right shows Elektra’s photo, which appeared at the top of the post; you can see it at ARTnews at this link.


Early next week, I’ll be launching a summer series of posts with images from the spring 2014 semester, including student works and exhibitions and related events like the SVA honors trips to Oaxaca, Mexico and Palermo, Sicily and the first SVA in Rome program.

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