Elaine Kaufmann in Out of House and Home

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It’s a big month for exhibitions featuring VCS faculty, and I will be posting notices about several shows over the next couple weeks. First up: Artist and VCS faculty member Elaine Kaufmann, who has work in a group show called Out of House and Home, located in a space called The Parachute Factory in New Haven, Connecticut.

Curated by Debbie Hesse and Joy Pepe, the show deals with domestic life and the uncertainty that’s come out of the recession and the recent real estate bust. According to the press statement on the Arts Council of Greater New Haven web site, Out of House and Home “explores the comforts and securities of home and the uncertainties and anxieties brought to bear by the recent mortgage crisis, record foreclosures, and plummeting real-estate values.” In addition to Elaine, artists in the exhibition include Tim Applebee, Roland Becerra, Ron Dunhill, Lucas Foglia, Jaime Kriksciun, Thomas Lail, Yelizaveta Masalimova, Denise Minnerly, David Ottenstein, Anne Percoco, and Cindy Tower.

Out of House and Home will run through February 5th. More information about the show, please call the Arts Council of Greater New Haven at (203) 772-2788.

Here at SVA, Elaine teaches a class called “The History and Practices of Perspective” (course number VCD-2030-A), a course that looks at the cultural history of perspective in art and other fields. Be sure to check out her bio on the faculty profiles page, and the links to her web site and the site for Brainstormers, a feminist artists’ collective to which she belongs. In addition to being linked from here, both can be found in the faculty web sites section to the right.

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