Elaine Kaufmann and the Richmond Billboard Project

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This weekend, VCS instructor Elaine Kaufmann had two works included in an ephemeral outdoor art exhibition sponsored by the Richmond Billboard Project in Virginia. Titled Yet Another Roadside Attraction, the project presented the work of 35 different artists on a digital LED billboard located just outside the city of Richmond. The site-specific works were presented in rotation three times over a 24-hour period, with each individual image in an artist’s contribution visible for about 10 seconds, the average amount of time drivers have to read the ads that usually run there.

Obviously, dividing eight hours into 10-second increments results in a huge number of time slots, and the participating artists had to provide around 2,800 images to fill these; depending on what they contributed, their individual portions of the eight-hour span ran anywhere from one minute to over forty.

Elaine’s contribution consisted of images taken from two works: her artist’s book Minivan (described on her web site and discussed further here), and another project titled Deer Crossing.

A few images from yesterday’s exhibition have already been posted to the Richmond Billboard Project’s Flickr group, including a few shots from a sign-language-themed piece, and this bit of artificial blue sky that looks a lot like an Yves Klein canvas.

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