Visuality & Modern Art – Isabel Taube:


A Few Words on Photomontage – Hannah
An Introduction to Nineteenth-Century Art – Facos,

Claudius the God – Robert

Crude Art Preferred to Cultural Art – Jean

Cubism – Albert

I, Claudius – Robert

In Defiance of Painting – Christine

On Frottage – Max

Pasted-Paper Revolution – Clement

Photography in the Service of Surrealism – Rosalind

Photomontage as a New Problem in Agit Art – Gustav

Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art – Piet

Suprematism – Kasimir

The American Action Painters – Harold

The Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism – F.T.

The Ideographic Picture – Barnett

The Stinking Ass – Salvador

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction – Walter

Three Statements – Jackson

What is Surrealism_ – Andre

What is Surrealism_ – Max


Modern Art 1851-1929_ Capitalism and Repre – Richard R.

Twentieth-Century American Art (Oxford His – Erika

Vision & Color – Joe Winter:

An Anthropologist on Mars_ Seven Paradoxic – Sacks,
Becoming Media Galileo’s Telescope – Joseph

Bluets – Nelson,

Chromophobia (FOCI) – Batchelor,

Las Meninas – Michel

Mr. Palomar (Helen and Kurt Wolff Books) – Calvino,

Panopticism – Michel

Regarding the Pain of Others – Susan

Snow – John

The Camera Obscura and Its Subjects – Jonathan

White Girls – Als,

Visuality & Poetry – Greg Donovan:

Leaves of Grass (Illustrated by Rockwell K – Whitman,
Lyrical Ballads (Penguin Classics) – Coleridge,

The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens – Stevens,

The Inferno of Dante_ A New Verse Translat –

The Waste Land – Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns).mobi

Gilgamesh_ A New English Version – Mitchell,

Art & Politics – Justin Elm:

On Native Grounds_ An Interpretation Of Mo – Kazin,

Visual & Critical Studies