Dylan Prince in the LIA Summer Show ALPHA & OMEGA, today through July 25th at the Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany

VCS 2019 alumnus and Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA) residency awardee Dylan Prince is about to have work on display in ALPHA & OMEGA, this year’s LIA summer show. Here are the details on the show and Dylan’s bio from the exhibition announcement.

Also, for those of you who are fluent in German, Dylan was recently featured along with fellow LIA resident Yadanar Win in an article in Leipziger Volkszeitung about both artists’ experiences riding out the COVID-19 pandemic in Leipzig, far away from the respective homes in New York and Myanmar. You can see the article at the link above and the screenshot below.




Cordial Invitation to our LIA Summer Show ALPHA & OMEGA

After spending a six-months-residency term at LIA, the artists of our summer show will present their artistic projects at the exhibition space of the Spinnerei archiv massiv. Despite challenging times during the shutdown in spring, Perceval Graells, Dylan Prince and Daniela Schwabe worked on extensive series of paintings and installations, following very different artistic approaches. As a guest we invite Andrew Read who came to LIA in February this year and so far could not show the artworks he produced during the residency in Leipzig. Being back to Australia now, Andrew will join us only virtually to take part in the artist talks round with the other three artists who will be present during the opening on Friday, July 17th.

Despite the restricting experiences of the Corona crisis that influenced the artistic practises in a way, all four artists kept following their impulse to explore and express certain mysteries of life artistically, like patterns of perception, hidden codes, sensual detections, the transformation of the self or the re-imagination of the human picture. This intrinsic dynamic of artistic creation reflects the perpetual process of beginning and ending of life itself. Every question and every stop is just temporary and the starting point of something else. Every dissolution effects the transduction into another formation and vice versa every form dissolves sooner or later, what makes the quintessence of life. Art is able to make these mysteries be sensually experienced in the moment through manifesting a unique expression out of a particular perspective.

In an artist in residence programme the regular experience of change, of coming, staying and going of people is an integral part. Also the artists of our LIA Summer Show will leave at the end of July into something new – but not only them: after almost five years, LIA Programme Coordinator Laura Bierau is going to leave her position to Marina Diaz Molina from August 2020 on. Hence, she will say goodbye with this exhibition and hopes to see you at the Spinnerei for the opening of “Alpha & Omega” on July 17th or for the finissage on July 25th to toast to art and the artists for a last time for now.  (Laura Bierau)

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Anna-Louise Rolland (LIA Director)
Laura Bierau (LIA Programme Coordinator)

 * * *

Here’s Dylan’s bio from the exhibition announcement:

Dylan Prince

Dylan Prince is an artist living and working in New York City. He studied painting and writing in Visual & Critical Studies at the School of Visual Arts and spends a six months residency now in LIA, following his graduation. The collection of projects Dylan has developed so far here in Leipzig include several concurrent practices: painting, drawing, writing, sound engineering and assemblage. The more direct paintings with repetitive concentric forms were made out of continuous obsession. The artist imagines these circular forms as both vehicles and containers. Oftentimes they directly reference organic physiology (Self in Supercardioid) and in others, they reference macro consolidation – the consolidation of power, of capital, and of information into singular absolutes. The forms are then as much about the natural universe as they are about the constructed universe of industry and geopolitics.


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Visual & Critical Studies