Depicting the World, ‘Once Removed’: A Talk by Artist Pieter Schoolwerth, This Monday, December 4th at 6:30 pm


Monday, December 4 @ 6:30 PM

133 W 21st Street, room 101C

For over twenty years painter and filmmaker Pieter Schoolwerth’s work has addressed the ways in which the ever-changing, and often invisible, forces of abstraction in the world – that can be associated with the digitization of more and more aspects of experience – affect the task of representing the human body. Schoolwerth has developed an expanded painting practice incorporating photography, image processing, inkjet printing, and relief sculpture that can be said to echo the compression of space and time paradigmatic of communication today, in an effort to depict the human figure in virtual space – a world ‘once removed’ from itself, in which the body is present through being absent. The talk will be followed by a conversation with artist and SVA faculty member Lorne Blythe.

Image Credit: Stephen Faught

Visual & Critical Studies