Artist as Curator

One semester: 3 studio credits
This course will examine the expanding role of the curator in terms of overlaps, complements and conflicts with the role of the artist. The thinning categorical divide between artist and curator will be explored through contemporary curatorial practices as a form of cultural production that expands into more experimental and collaborative models. The new artist/curator has the potential to conceptually develop the specific content of exhibitions in a similarly generative way as making art in the studio. Sessions will take place at several sites: Denniston Hill, a not-for-profit agricultural/arts center in the Catskills, working artists’ studios in New York City, and an SVA Gallery or specific site determined by the class. At each of these sites we will investigate the intricacies of an artist/curator approach to thinking in diverse modalities—i.e., rural/domestic/communal, urban/commercial/individual and didactic/collaborative. There will guest lectures by artists and curators, discussions and curatorial project proposals/models. The course will culminate in an artist-directed curatorial project with specificities chosen by the class: an avant-garde action reflecting the ideas posited during class discourse.

Visual & Critical Studies