Catching up with the VCS Flickr and Tumblr

I haven’t written about the VCS blog’s sister sites on Fickr and Tumblr in a while, so I thought I’d devote today’s post to an update on them.

The Visual & Critical Studies Tumblr has expanded quite a lot since I first wrote about it last June, and now features a few dozen images of student artworks and a handful of quotes from some of the texts used in the VCS program’s liberal arts courses. Here’s a small sample of what you can see there.

George Rue

Painting by George Rue (oil on canvas)

Kierkegaard quote

Amelia Modlin

Sculpture by Amelia Modlin

Danielle Whalen

Collage print by Danielle Whalen

Luiza Cardenuto

Painting by Luiza Cardenuto (barbecue sauce on found wood panel)

The VCS Flickr page also has a several new photosets that I haven’t written about. First off, there’s a set of 35 images documenting the Artist’s Journal rug exhibition that faculty member Peter Hristoff organized back in November. (You can read more about the exhibition in this post.)

rug exhibition 1

rug exhibition 2

Last February, I wrote about Artist’s Journal, a zine created by Peter and some of his students. A more recent photoset includes images from “The Sex Issue,” a Spring 2012 follow-up to the earlier publication. In addition to student art, the new issue includes works by a few other artists including Evan Izer and David Sandlin, both of whom also teach at SVA.

Minhae Kim

Artist: Minhae Kim

Rivers Plasketes

Artist: Rivers Plasketes

George Mott

Artist: George Mott

Maya Montoya

Artist: Maya Montoya

Finally, here’s a photoset from the 2012 VCS sumi ink workshop. This is an annual event in which artist Max Gimblett teaches the students in Tom Huhn’s senior thesis class the philosophy and techniques of traditional sumi-e ink painting. I’ve written about the workshop twice before; you can find those posts here and here.

sumi workshop 1

sumi workshop 2

Visual & Critical Studies