Catching up with Shannon Broder and Broderpress

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A shot of Shannon sitting behind a pile of Broderpress handmade pillows.

A lot has been happening lately for VCS alumna Shannon Broder and her business Broderpress, which I wrote about earlier this year. A couple weeks ago, Shannon had a sale of some of her handmade pillows on the design site Fab. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“The Fab sale was amazing. They featured my boutique for 72 hours on their site and I ended up selling over 200 pillows, which of course put me into total panic mode because I had never made that amount of pillows before in my life. Thanks to dedicated friends and family camping out at my apartment for the past four days, I was able to get them all done. The most popular animal was the octopus, which sold out within 6 hours.”

A parade of freshly screenprinted octopi waiting to be trimmed, backed, and stuffed…

…and the finished product.

Just after the Fab sale, Shannon took a road trip to Chicago with two other artists to participate in the Renegade Craft Fair. She told me that a lot of the car ride was dedicated to stuffing pillows to fulfill the orders that came from the Fab sale.

The fallout from both events has been great. During the Fab sale, Broderpress and some of her pillows were featured in a write-up on the art, culture & technology site Laughing Squid, and her products are also going to be carried by the retail shops Fortunate Discoveries in Chicago and Cog & Pearl in Brooklyn.

For a little more information about what Shannon has been up to and updates on upcoming projects, check out the links scattered throughout this post, and pay a visit to the Broderpress website and Facebook page.

One of Shannon’s pillows on Laughing Squid.

A few more of Shannon’s animal pillows on the Fortunate Discoveries website (second from the right in the top row).

Pillows everywhere!

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