Catching up with Olivia Li

Recently, VCS alumna Olivia Li let us know about the upcoming publication of All in the Family: A Graphic Memoir by LB Lee. The book’s publication was funded via a Kickstarter campaign that ended last month, and it will be the first title released by Lenticle Press, Olivia’s new micro-publishing venture. The Kickstarter project describes All in the Family as “a psychological murder memoir about multiple personality and the vagaries of memory,” and provides the following information about it:



All in the Family: A Graphic Memoir by LB Lee

LB Lee had been aware of their multiple personalities for years, and thought there were no more surprises left in their head. But in 2014, something was off. They were being tormented by nightmares, bombarded by images that felt…familiar. So they went looking for ghosts. And found them.


What is All in the Family?

All in the Family is a psychological murder memoir about the vagaries of memory, multiple personality, and the role story plays in our lives. Originally printed and self-published as a series of four zines between 2014 and 2016, it’s helped plural* fans come to terms with their own histories and memories, while Abraham Riesman of Vulture called it “one of the most brutal and engaging comics I’ve ever read” (‘The Best Cartoonist You’ve Never Read is Eight Different People’).

We’re printing a five-year anniversary trade paperback edition of the full comic. This will include the original 200 pages of story with revised art, a new color cover, and roughly 30 pages of new material, including a resource guide.

* ‘Plural’ and ‘multi’ are self-identifiers for folks who experience life as more than one person residing in a body. This includes those with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), multiple personalities, and those who experience it outside of medical definitions. For more information, refer to the extra readings, particularly ‘MPD For You and Me’ and ‘All in the Family: The Research Part.’

For a list of content warnings for this book, click here.


Who Are We?


LB Lee has been making mental health comics since 2007, successfully crowdfunding since 2013. Their work appears in the Prism Award-nominated anthology Being True, as well as in Inaction Comics and Boundless Vol. 1. They have printed five paperbacks and over two dozen zines’ worth of work; this is their first Kickstarter.

Lenticule Press is a new micro-publisher that centers perspectives on life through different angles. Olivia Li has self-published a stack of comics and zines, and edited and published several comics anthologies (including Boundless Vol. 1, successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2016). All in the Family will be Lenticule’s first title.

(all images via Kickstarter)



Last month, Olivia also had a piece on display in conjunction with this year’s Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Titled “The Garden,” it consisted of a 32.5 x 4 foot vinyl decal installed on the wall of the Porter Square Building at Lesley University. Olivia posted a tweet to her Twitter account with a couple shots of it (embedded below), and you can also see them at her website.

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