Catching up with Katie Armstrong in Leipzig

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Back in August, I wrote about VCS alumna Katie Armstrong’s trip to Leipzig to participate in a residency with the Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA). The residency is about half over now and there have been a lot of new developments, so it seems like a good time to post follow-up on what she’s been doing.

A shot of Katie’s studio space in Leipzig, taken soon after her arrival.

Katie has focused most of her energy at the LIA on a new animation, small bits of which have shown up on her recently revamped web site and her blog. The piece will premiere in January, at the end of the residency. In addition, she’s also made a couple other short films. The first was created for an exhibition inspired by Los Días de Los Muertos, at Images Cinema in Williamstown, Massachusetts. The other is a 5×5 (a video that strings together five clips of five seconds each) edited together from a few brief films she’s made of her daily life at the residency. Both of these were partly filmed in Katie’s LIA studio, so they offer a brief glimpse of her day-to-day surroundings.

In late October, Katie was interviewed by a reporter from Deutschlandradio Kultur, one of Germany’s biggest public radio stations. The resulting brief profile discusses her art and her use of Kickstarter to help fund her trip to Leipzig. You can listen to it online at this link. It’s in German and most of Katie’s comments are masked by a translator’s voice-over, but even if you don’t know the language, you can still hear bits of Katie’s music in the background, and occasional snippets of her own voice.

More recently, Katie talked with Dutch musician Adam from the band ADAMHOEK. A transcript of their conversation was posted on the band’s web site just a couple days ago. It’s in English, and it includes topics covered in the radio interview and a lot more. Katie also provided Adam with an mp3 of the song that will be used in the video she’s working on in Leipzig, so if you want to hear what she’s been doing with music lately, it’s worth checking out.

The view of Leipzig through Katie’s studio window.

A few drawings from Katie’s current animation project.

As we get closer to January and the end of Katie’s residency, I will check in again and post another piece about the completion of her projects and her plans to exhibit them.

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