Catching up with Brooke Latham / introducing May 68 at Martos Gallery

Posted by on Nov 18, 2017 in Alumni News, VCS Alumni | No Comments

Since she graduated from VCS a couple years ago, Brooke Latham has been working as Gallery Manager and Archivist for Martos Gallery at 41 Elizabeth Street in Lower Manhattan. Recently. Brooke told me about May 68, a book and record shop organized by curator and critic Bob Nickas that’s open in the gallery’s front room every Tuesday through Sunday. The shop has a very eclectic selection of items (thinking back to my Altered States: Ritual, Magic, and Meditation art history course, she mentioned an LP by Sun Ra and the book Of Shadows: One Hundred Objects from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, and you can see a lot of other interesting things in the screenshots from the may68newyork Instagram shown above and below).

In addition to their stock, the space also features work from a different artist each month; the current show is a two-person exhibition of works by Amy O’Neill and Virginia Overton.

To learn more about May 68 and see some of the shop’s recent acquisitions, visit the May 68 website and Instagram.


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