Catching up with Andrea Garcia Vasquez

Today’s post presents an update on 2014 VCS alumna Andrea Garcia Vasquez. After graduating from the program in 2014, Andrea went on to a five-month VCS-sponsored residency at the Leipzig International Art Program, which began in January 2015. Andrea sent us a few comments on what she’s been up to since the residency, along with the press release for an upcoming solo show in Beirut and information about other recent and future exhibitions. Here’s what she had to say:

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Currently I am studying New Media Art at the Art Academy in Leipzig, (a degree called Diplom—it’s neither BFA nor MFA—it’s just Diplom). Been living in Leipzig since the LIA Residency, which ran from Jan-May 2015. Got my visa, learned the language, applied to school and now I am there.

This September, I’ll be exhibiting my first solo show! In Beirut, Lebanon at Gallery 392rmeil393. The show is called Topophilia. I will be showing latest tapestries, quilts, and a site-specific installation.

In June, I got news that I won 5th place in the student category as well as a special Juror’s award (Chu Juror) for Art Olympia International Artist Competition. Here’s a photo of the piece that won and a link to the live steam of the competition—it is the weirdest video I have ever watched and maybe the weirdest thing one of my art pieces will ever take part in (skip to 5:40:00 for my entry).

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 6.27.34 PM

[Shown above, center: Andrea Garcia Vasquez, “January 20, 2017,” Linen, various threads, machine sewn, hand-embroidered, 81 x 71 cm, Jan 2017.]

I will also be taking part in a group show in South Korea October 31 that is being organized through the Leipzig Art Academy and Busan University in SK.

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Here’s the press release for the upcoming solo show that Andrea mentioned above:


TOPOPHILIA- a solo exhibition from Andrea Garcia Vasquez



“In this dynamic rivalry between house and universe, we are far removed from any reference to simple geometrical forms. A house that has been experienced is not an inert box. Inhabited space transcends geometrical space.” -Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics Of Space

International and emerging artist Andrea Garcia Vasquez is premiering a collection of her latest tapestries and psychogeographic maps under the title “TOPOPHILIA”; the artist’s first solo show, which will be on view this September 14 until the 28 at 392rmeil393 in Beirut.

This collection of unique, hand-embroidered tapestries and sculptures reflect the artist’s exploration of “place” and what humans do to “place” or experience within “place”.

“TOPOPHILIA” incorporates two dimensional quilts with alluring hand-woven and hand-embroidered details. These quilts playfully venture the boundary between the traditional and the absurd within fiber art techniques. In another room of the 392rmeil393 gallery space, a site-specific installation portraying Andrea Garcia Vasquez’s love and nostalgia for a mountain she once visited in Catalonia, Spain called Montserrat is on display. The artist uses abstract sculptures juxtaposed with analytical maps and graphs made of fabric, rope, and thread to render her time spent on the mountain. Viewers will also be intrigued by the interactive installation of a series of maps titled, “Psychogeographic Experiments”; a collection of sewn textile maps based on her daily movements and memories of travel. Through these works, Andrea Garcia Vasquez tests the ways landscape, information, and memory can be poetically translated into a story between man and nature.

Andrea Garcia Vasquez is a Venezuelan-American structural fiber artist, born in New Jersey, USA (1992). After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, NYC with a BFA in Visual and Critical Studies (2014), she moved to Leipzig, Germany for a 5 month full-grant residency to work and live in a studio at the Spinnerei (2015). She is currently finishing a New Media Art Diploma at the Art Academy in Leipzig. Since 2013 she has been exhibited in USA, Germany, Spain, South Korea, and Japan. She was recently awarded 5th place in the student category for the Art Olympia International Artists Competition in addition to a special Juror’s award. To view more artworks and receive news about the artist visit:

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