Catch up with five of our alumni in “Curriculum Paths” on the SVA website

A screenshot from SVA's website for the Visual & Critical Studies program, showing the page title "Curriculum Paths" and still from a video about 2011 VCS graduate Olena Shmahalo

Today’s post is the first of several upcoming updates on some of our alumni and what they’ve been doing in their post-VCS lives.

Recently, SVA’s Visual & Critical Studies page posted “Curriculum Paths,” an article about several of our former students that discusses what they’ve been up to since graduation, what they’re doing now, and some of the courses they took during their time in VCS. The page features an SVA Creators video about class of 2011 alumna Olena Shmahalo and interviews with alumni Oona Tempest (2014), Storm Ascher (2018), Romke Hoogwaerts (2013), and Joey Gonella (2020).

Here’s the introduction to the article:

Charting your path and planning for your future as a new undergraduate student can be overwhelming. At the Visual & Critical Studies department, we encourage experimentation and variety in your course choices for maximum exposure to as many potential opportunities as possible. Below, find four examples of curriculum paths that have lead our alumni to become artists, curators, entrepreneurs, publishers and even a sushi chef.

You can check it out here on the SVA website.

image: VCS graduate Olena Shmahalo in a screenshot from “Curriculum Paths” on the SVA website

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