Call for submissions to THANK YOU, Books, an upcoming art book fair at Fou Gallery in Brooklyn

VCS student Yuan Fang has asked me to share the following open call for an upcoming art book fair at Fou Gallery in Brooklyn. Yuan is the gallery’s PR director, so anyone who’s interested in submitting work for the fair should fill out the google docs available at the link below and then give her the items they want to sell.

The deadline for submissions is November 16th.

Here’s the information about the show from Fou Gallery’s website:


Open Call – THANK YOU, Books





 Submit Your Book


On November 23 and 24, Fou Gallery will host the first art book fair at our gallery space. We would like to announce an open call for artists’ books, photo books, comics, zines, graphic novels, creative writing, illustrated books and experimental printed matter.

At the fair, we’ll present discounted art books donated by Waymont Books as well as printed works submitted by artists and independent publishers. Fou Gallery handles titles on a consignment basis. Retail price is split 50/50% between the supplier and Fou Gallery. The deadline for the open call is November 16th, 23:59 pm.

Thank you for your interest! CLICK LINK to submit your book. We’ll contact you further for consignment details once your submission is received. If you have any questions regarding the fair and open call, please contact XInyu Zhang <>.

感恩节之际,我们也想感谢一年来书和艺术的陪伴。11月23日和24日,否画廊将在画廊空间内举办第一次艺术书展。我们希望能够征集艺术家书,摄影书籍,独立漫画,杂志,创意写作,插画书籍等独立出版物。在艺术书展上,我们将出售一些Waymont Books捐赠的折扣艺术书籍,以及艺术家们提交的独立出版物和艺术家书。征集截止日期:2018年11月16日,23:59pm.

感谢您的关注,请点击链接提交书籍。如果您有多本书籍想要提交,请再次填写本表单。收到提交后,我们会与您联系寄售细节。如果您有关于书展和公开征集的问题,请联系张馨予 <>

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