Autumn Eggleton in a Westword news article about the art bar and performance space Enigma Bazaar, opening soon in Denver, CO


From left: Garrison York (audio engineer/tech manager), Carly Howard (owner), Chad Howard (owner), Autumn Eggleton (owner), Christine Samar (owner). [image and caption via Westword]

2012 VCS alumna Autumn Eggleton was recently interviewed for an article in the weekly paper Westword about Enigma Bazaar, an art bar and performance space that’s opening later this year in Denver, Colorado. Autumn is one of the space’s four co-owners, along with Carly Howard, Chad Howard, and Christine Samar. Here’s a brief passage from the article:

 * * *

“Our concept is to provide a space where people can meet, be inspired and experience art, music and performance in new ways,” says co-owner Autumn Eggleton. “We are trying to design an environment that is welcoming and focused on exploration.”

Co-owner Carly Howard adds that Enigma Bazaar will be a versatile performance and art space with a mystical, esoteric flair. The venue will host live music, art shows, film screenings, circus performance, immersive theater and anything else Denver creatives can think of doing.

Eggleton and Howard, along with co-owners Christine Samar and Chad Howard, most of whom have theater backgrounds, wanted to create a constructive, collaborative, spiritually alive community space that encourages intimate conversation, mindful drinking, revolutionary educational opportunities, creative interactions and learning experiences that transcend age.

 * * *

You can read the rest of the article and see a few images of the space at this link.

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