Arts & Visual Culture in Mexico City, June 9-24, 2019

Art and Visual Culture in Mexico City

June 9 – 24
3 Undergraduate Art history Credits
Course Number: IPD-3661-A
Tuition: $3,200

Faculty: Carla Stellweg

¡ATENCIÓN! SVA has teamed up with SOMA (Mexico City) – an internationally renowned non-profit organization that nurtures dialogues in the field of contemporary art and art education – for this two-week, immersive art history and visual culture program. This unique course will allow participants to engage with Mexico City’s contemporary art scene as well as its cultural heritage by exploring its visual culture from the 1970’s to today, while also considering its place within the larger scope of Latin American art history. The curriculum includes a series of museum visits, seminars with a select group of outstanding professionals, field trips to historical sites, visits to artists’ studios, group sessions, as well as SOMA’s popular public program, Miércoles de SOMA (SOMA Wednesdays).

Throughout the course, themes such as “Los Grupos,” artist books and publications, independent artist-run spaces, global systems, community art practices and art activism – and the ways in which all of these things have impacted current Mexican art production – will be explored. Conveniently located at the crossroads of several of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the city, SOMA provides a stimulating environment for examination and reflection, and participants will have easy access to a vast number of museums, galleries, institutions, historical sites and non-profit spaces.

This program is the perfect opportunity for students to critically reconsider and analyze their work in the context of the many different creative communities of Mexico City, which has become known as one of the leading art and cultural destinations in the Americas.

Tuition includes accommodations, guided tours to museum admissions, archeological sites, local markets, artist talks, studio visits, and welcome/farewell dinners.

Activity level: moderate (11 – 13 on the RPE Scale)

For further information contact Tessa Morefield, program coordinator, via email at

Visual & Critical Studies