Another call for mail art submissions to Printed Matter, via Peter Hristoff

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Here’s another call for mail art that Peter Hristoff forwarded to us:




Send us your art in mail form before May 18, 2020! We’ll be selecting one piece of mail art per day to feature as an Instagram Story. Once we return to our normal operations, we’ll make a selection of submissions to be featured in a publication, and all submissions will be saved in Printed Matter’s institutional archive. Read more about the submission process here.

Please use caution when sending us physical mail. If you or anyone in your household feels ill, or if you do not feel safe traveling to a post office, please send a photo of your submission to: Whenever it feels safe to physically mail the submission, please do so—we would love to receive as many physical submissions as possible.⁠
During these challenging times we also want to acknowledge the postal workers, who are providing an essential public service and not receiving hazard pay. In addition, the United States Postal Service is under the threat of collapse and has received no aid from the federal government. To sign a petition in support of the USPS, you can text “USPS” to 50409, or you can sign these petitions for “Immediate Financial Relief for USPS” and “Hazard Pay for all USPS Employees.”

[click here and scroll down to see some videos with a few mail artists and read more about the history of mail art, Ray Johnson originals, and mail art at Printed Matter.]

⁠To participate send your mail art to the addresses below:

Last names A-L, send to
c/o Printed Matter
104 India Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Last names M-Z, send to
c/o Printed Matter
72 Maspeth Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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