Announcing “We Love Decay: Tough Luck for Everyone Who Loves Ruins,” a performance and ephemeral art series, this Tuesday the 18th through Saturday the 22nd


We Love Decay: Tough Luck for Everyone Who Loves Ruins is the inaugural edition of the new performance and ephemeral art series sponsored by the BFA Visual & Critical Studies Department, which takes place from Tuesday, April 18th through Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 in the Flatiron Project Space, 133/141 W 21st Street, ground floor.

The series, curated by current VCS students Chaerin Ahn and Erika Verhagen, features performances, micro-installations, and other impermanent, non-traditional experiments within space. Each piece lasts somewhere between half an hour and half a day.

The daily schedule will be posted on the VCS Instagram. More information, including a livestream video of the event, will be shared on the VCS Facebook page

Participating artists include:
Yasi Alipour, Leah Bordenga, Alexa Cabrera, Leah George, Margo Greb, Sy Jenkins, Morgan King, Will Knutson, Desiree Kong, Kylie Mitchell, Calla McInnes, Meredith Padgett, Jolie Rambin, Ben RY, Anastasia Warren, and Mason Wilson.

Visual & Critical Studies